Facilities Management

The business centers, malls and residences we see every day, high rise buildings of either to live or for business purposes require professional solutions in their social facilities due to their service variety and busyness.

As Ozenc Service Management we provide all the maintenance and management service of the facility we undertake.
Facility management, preparation of the business project, management of the budget, record of financials, meetings with the flat owners and the board of directors, preparation of reports, purchasing procedures, determination of the daily business plan and its control, maintenance and control of the technical equipments and the fixtures, the contracts of maintenance and repair made with the third party and the stock control are the services we provide.

Professional Business Center Management

– Preparation of the new year budget according to the management plan and to the service charge code of the common areas in business centers
– Calculation of the service charge of common areas and preparation of the service charge collection key
– Control of monthly budget and preparation of a report of expenses,
– Coordination of the services the business center requires and board of directors approves,
– Make of the contracts and the reports for the business center,
– Make of the maintenance and service contracts with the third parties,
– Control of the firms that make the periodic technical maintenance and prepare a report,
– Daily control of all the units we provide service in the business center,
– Control of the programs made in the business center and if necessary make changes coordinately with the flat owners and the board of directors.

Residence Management Services

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– Preparation of the new year budget according to the residence's management plan and the service charge code
– Control of monthly budget and preparation of a report of expenses,
– Coordination of the services the residence requires and the board of directors approves.
– Make of the maintenance and service contracts with the third parties,
– Daily control of all units we provide service in the residence.
– Keeping accounts

Our Services in Building and Facility and Residence Management

Accounting Services;

– Preparation and control of budget and the financial statement.
– Keeping financial records.
– Control of accrual and payments.
– Daily control and reporting of bank account activity.
– Keeping statutory records, arrangement and the storage of the documents.
– Make of official correspondence.

We provide service with our employees who are selected appropriately to the conditions of the working place, who have passed the legal and the professional trainings and whose inquests and health controls are done.

– Taking the security warrants in accordance with the law no. 5188 and preparing the security plans.
– Taking precautions for the possible risks.
– Managing the risks correctly.
– Giving the correct and the necessary reactions at the right time

are the Özenç Security's general operational approach.

The cleaning service we provide is made with our trained employees and with the equipment and the chemicals appropriate to the characteristic of the service and the space.

The machines and the other technical equipments, consumables and the chemicals are supplied after the confirmation of the facility's Board of Directors.

In order to satisfy the continuance of the service we provide, the periodic maintenance plans (daily, weekly, monthly, semi annually and annually) are done and applied accordingly.

-Responding to the mechanical failures in the common areas and solving these problems. Solving the minor mechanical problems that can occur inside the flat or inside the workplace. Maintenance of the water flow meter and the booster pump.

-Responding to the electrical failures in common areas. Solving the minor problems that can occur in the electric installations in the flats or workplaces. Maintenance of the installations and the other devices. Control of the services that need to be outsourced if needed. Energy optimization. Taking precautions for preventing fire and accident. Maintenance of the electrical panel and the uninterrupted power supply. Technical support for the early warning, security or other electronic systems when needed.

Maintenance of the pool by paying attention to the weather conditions. Measurement of the pool PH and responding if needed. Bottom cleaning with the necessary machines and the equipment. Being sure about the systems in the pool machinery room to operate non-stop.

Turfing and planting flower according to the seasons. Control of the soil structure in order to provide the necessary fertilizers. Plant care. Keeping the green-field clean and tidy. Removing, planting, pruning, mowing, growing plants, collecting seeds. Controlling the plant diseases frequently and gettting precautions. Collecting fodder, paper and similar ones to prevent probable fire. Keeping the handed over equipments tidy and well-groomed

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