Merchandising Services

AII the activities, technics and methods of directing the customer to the buying behavior is known as merchandising. Advertisements prepare the customer to purchase the product whereas merchandising put the customer in action of purchasing. With a well planned merchandising, your products' image is strengthened, the products come to forefront and purchasing behavior of the customers is provided.

Marking the right price tags, purchasing spaces inside shops, having special design booths, organizing events that provide sale, making special sale and promotion campaigns are all included in the merchandising service. merchandising ve promotör hizmetleri

– Eases and speeds up the shopping.
– Saves time.
– Reminds the product and the brand s/he will purchase.
– Makes the shopping pleasurable.
– Signals that we protect the customer and the products.

– Turns the advertisements into sales.
– Guarantees customer and earnings continuity by providing the brand loyalty.
– Provides the stocks to remain fresh.
– Decreases the return rate.
– Increases the profitability.

Things to be Careful in Merchandising

– Making the right decisions at the right time and place
– Having direct proportionality between the shop's size and the arrangement and exposure
– Planning the optimal times to reach the customer
– Organizing the shelves precisely and making the right front end
– Fading in the price tags and being sure they are correct merchandising ve promotör hizmetleri

Promotor Services

In the malls where your products meet with the customer, our aim is to increase the sales, make the visuality come to forefront, contribute your brand recognition and make your brand gel closer to your customer.

– We design the special sales booth tor you to use in the events

– We staff and give our personnel training
– We supply the uniforms
– Only thing that is left to you is contacting us

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