As Ozenc Service Management,provides all the garden care for you as you are lost in the fast pace of the urban life. Our team is composed of professional and experienced employees. Daily, weekly and monthly garden care service is given according to your desire. Not to forget that, progress of the green areas and good looking of them is probable by a periodic care and a professional team.


What are our landscape services?

We are carrying out landscape and garden care with our professional and corporate service concept. You can contact us for all your requests regarding landscape and garden arrangements. bahçe bakım hizmetleri

With our technologic and of high quality products, we make the installations of the automatic, drip, gradual and time adjusted sprinklers and make their periodic maintenance with our professional employees.

We perform the ready lawn application with an affordable price by our experienced employees. You can make a difference with your ready lawn application. bahçe bakım hizmetleri

AII kinds of plants, trees and flowers for your gardens and interiors are provided according to the species you requested. We supply plants with an affordable price among our rich variety. bahçe bakım hizmetleri

For the security of your site, places and gardens, fence construction and after-care services are provided. According to your demand among the fence options, the material is selected and the fence construction is provided. bahçe bakım hizmetleri

We do the pruning with our professional team in the correct way and at the right time. Our service is valid for all types of trees. bahçe bakım hizmetleri

Periodic treatment of your garden and trees will ensure that the living plants in your garden are not sick and long-lived. We as Özenç Service Management expect you to receive offers from us. bahçe bakım hizmetleri

The most important step that should be taken in order to ensure the long-term continuity of all the works you have done for your garden is the periodical maintenance. As Ozenc Service Management, this service is provided to you. bahçe bakım hizmetleri

Garden, Hard floors and structures of rain water or irrigation systems for the transfer of water after the drainage is an important requirement. As Ozenc Service Management, makes satisfaction guaranteed applications. bahçe bakım hizmetleri

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