Cleanliness and hygiene are the key things in the places where we spend major part of our life like houses, working places, malls, schools. We are aware that providing cleanliness' and hygiene's most important factor is using sanitary consumables with our trained and conscious personnel.
For that reason, all the equipments we use are matched with W.H.O standards and have I.S.O. 9001 quality certificates products . We offer a full range of yearly services.

Cleaning Services

There's an increase in the number of high rise modern buildings with glass, aluminum and granite facades. The appearance of these facades are affected by the rains, air pollution, dust, etc. very rapidly. lf these pollutions are not taken into account, it results with an old and bad appearance of the building.
The facade of high-rise structures (factories, hotels, business centers, etc.) are examined with our professional staff and according to its physical structure (glass, aluminum, granite), appropriate technology and the equipment is used for cleaning. dış cephe temizliği

We provide the cleaning of your building's facade up to the mark by using the appropriate chemicals and without damaging the physical appearance of the building.

We preserve the equipment used in the cleaning of your buildings.

As Özenç Group, we provide the daily, weekly and monthly periodic cleaning of your facility by using the right equipments. AII of our employees are taking general cleaning and hygiene trainings from our housekeeping department.
The environment where general cleaning is done is a source of motivation tor the employees. It is a source of happiness as well. Preserving the continuity of the investments made to the company and its longevity is dependent on the quality and the continuity of the cleaning. inşaat temizliği

- Housekeeping Services

Not to forget that general cleaning provides the longevity of your equipments you have in your work-place.

lndustrial cleaning came up and started growing with the exterior factories.

Cleaning is more important in the production process than is in the houses. For example, a dyeing factory's products are not expected to be in high quality if the dyeing takes place in a dusty environment. The dust particles distort the product.üstriyel-temizlik

Providing the periodic cleaning of the machines used in the production is as important as providing the maintenance of them. lndustrial cleaning provides long-lasting of the machines and well-groomed looking. From this point of view, a clean working environment provided by industrial cleaning is important for the production process and personnel.

Protection of a business and its long life depends on cleanliness.

As Özenç Group, we make a feasibility study for the floors and use the necessary chemicals for the cleaning. According to the coating material, we choose the protective chemicals in order for the floors to wear less.

It the coating material at the floor is textile, in other words carpet, we make a feasibility study according to the carpet's type and determine the method of cleaning. The methods used in the carpet cleaning process are dry carpet cleaning, wet carpet cleaning, dry foam carpet cleaning and local spot carpet cleaning.

If the coating material is vinyl, polymer, marble or similar stiff material, we choose polymer or acrylic polish according to the material type.ği

- Dry and wet shampoo cleaning - Floor Care (Polishing, Maintenance)

As Ozenc Service Management, we concentrate on the quality and we are very proactive in the precision cleaning services. We try to build long-term relationships with our customers by providing quality services at competitive prices. Cleaning of the building can be done regularly or it can be done as one-off cleaning, whichever suits your needs. We meet the needs of businesses ranging from small to large. We do our job according to your preferences. We train all our staff to be expert in what they do. We customize our services to meet your needs. Our dependable and efficient services contribute to a health work environment for our staff and clients.

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