The introduction of law no. 5188 in 10th of June 2004 about the Private Security Services and the issuance of the regulations in the official journal in 7th of October 2004 made the security a current issue in Turkey.
Security service is a common need and have a purpose of satisfying peace, tranquility and public comfort. Taking precautions for the public to be prevented against any crime, for a space to be created where one can use his or her fundamental rights and for the ones to be punished who act incongruously is security. It is the state's principal and irreplaceable goal and behalf of the state, the security forces carry it out.

The term private security entered to the security literature after 1970's at the time when terror actions were widespread. At those times, due to falling behind of the security forces, the employment of the private security employees came to fore in order to protect the strategic points and the public enterprises in Turkey. With the law no. 2495 about the protection and security of the public enterprises and institutions, the private securities took an important role in the security service. With the law no. 5188, the subject became even more important.

What are Our Security Services?

– Living Spaces    – Malls
– Hotels                         – Hospitals
– lndustrial Facilites        – Business Centers
– Corporate Facilities fiziki güvenlik

We provide the security service with our employees who are selected according to the structure of the working place, who successfully finished their official and professional trainings and whom all the security investigations and health checks are done.
In accordance with the projects, we prepare a fire scenario and its security risk analysis. Pursuant to the law no. 5188, we take the security permits, make the prevention and the security plans, record all the vehicles and the visitors who enter the facility and report them to the relevant person.

  • Communications.
  • Physical Security.
  • Liability and Legal Ascepts
  • Handling Difficult People
  • Laws, and Regulations
  • Legal Aspects of Security.
  • Access Control.
  • Legal Aspects of Security.
  • Responding to Emergencies
  • Customer Service.
  • Control the implementation of the matters we have committed to our customer with the provisions of the contract. güvenlik eğitimi ve danışmanlık

To support the physical security elements that are present in each project integrated with electronic systems. güvenlik hizmetleri

– CCTV Surveillance Systems
– Fire Detection and Alarming Systems
– X-ray Controller
– Metal door detector
– IP Surveillance System

The public figures' risk of encountering dangerous situations is pretty high. VIP Very Important Person)s prefer taking personal protection service due to this risk that creates a negative effect in their private life.

As Ozenc Security, we make a VIP protection service professionally. Our aim is to make our customers feel free, comfortable and secure. For those reasons, our firm consists of employees who are trained and selected based on their physical, psychological and intellectual competence. güvenlik hizmetleri, vip güvenlik

Our company;
Our firms is at your service with our experienced employees in the events like expos, concerts, seminars, congress, etc.

Our services are as follows;
– Safety risk assessment
– Patrol, Search and Routing
– Armed Close Protection
– Personal/Private Chauffeur
– Low Profile Protection Service
– Escort car services

Security service is a public service that has a great importance in the public life. It is due to the need of humans to live in safety.

We are aware that "Security is a critical responsibility."

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