Ozenc Group is a very well established and a rapidly growing company.
It is our aim at ozenc group to bring a totaly new perspective and approach to the facility management sector in Turkey.

Through better work methods, better recruitment and training of staff ,better quality control of work to the facility management sector in Turkey.
Ozenc Group offers its facility services and leverages knowledge on an international scale for the benefits of the customer.
We are able to service our customers on a global level regardless of size and scale.
We garantie competent, trustworthy and well trained employees together with strong local leadership.We can provide everything from higly specialised service experts to multiskilled employees at all times.
Our approach is based on processes,methods and skilled employees.


Providing superior services at a very competitive price.

We care about our clients needs and requirements.

Well skilled and trained employees.

We enhance and develop our employees skills and potentials.







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